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Sister Bliss at Neverland Festival

Posted on: 17/05/12

Very excited for Neverland Festival this weekend, gonna be a BIG one!!

Who's coming? RSVP here.


Passing The Baton on iTunes

Posted on: 29/03/12

Audio highlights from Passing The Baton are now available to download on iTunes. 

To download the final ever Faithless performance, click here

Passing The Baton on MTV HD

Posted on: 29/03/12

This Sunday (April 1st), one hour of Passing The Baton will be showed across the world on MTV HD. 

The broadcast will feature the best bits of Passing The Baton, which was recorded at the band's last ever live show at Brixton Academy last April. 

If you can't wait, you can buy the DVD here

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We built it up but we ain't torn it down yet

We got to
We got to

Crazy Bal'Heads

Love is my condition
Has been fired

Love Is My Condition

You're my antidote to city life, my pretty wife
Hooked up the year before
Together thirteen outta twenty four
And you would never guess

Miss U Less, See U More

Ya soul is sold, where's it gettin ya?
Competition start swearin ya, goldiggers setting you up
Soon be forgetting your existence
Do ya need a for instance?


To produce flower and fruit

So drop your pebble in the mainstream

Tweak Your Nipple

Don't Leave
You know it's never been easy to love someone like me
Hanging with friends like we used to do
I didn't know anything was wrong

Don't Leave

Put down the drink, try not to think,
Let it go, fundamental movement below,
And yo, reality is dreaming,
Just below my skin I'm screaming...

Salva Mea

But left her inner stories untold
I said, momma it will be alright
When daddy comes home, tonight

Mass Destruction

And when I kiss you I'm never sure
How do I get to miss you less and see you more?


Miss U Less, See U More

We come 1

I'm unafraid

We Come 1

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Maxi's Maxims, a thought for the weekend:

You give me a soul fever, And I achieve a new level of grace