Calling All the Faithful

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Sister Bliss at Neverland Festival

Posted on: 17/05/12

Very excited for Neverland Festival this weekend, gonna be a BIG one!!

Who's coming? RSVP here.


Passing The Baton on iTunes

Posted on: 29/03/12

Audio highlights from Passing The Baton are now available to download on iTunes. 

To download the final ever Faithless performance, click here

Passing The Baton on MTV HD

Posted on: 29/03/12

This Sunday (April 1st), one hour of Passing The Baton will be showed across the world on MTV HD. 

The broadcast will feature the best bits of Passing The Baton, which was recorded at the band's last ever live show at Brixton Academy last April. 

If you can't wait, you can buy the DVD here

Get the Faithless lyrics

I'm unafraid
Never never scared
Worries washed

We Come 1

no sound and no light.
But yo it gets busy at night, People creeping.
Derelicts sneaking to fix. Speaking.
On the way my timbers creaking,

Bring My Family Back

Only with mellow
Are you thin enough to slide through,
Don't let nothin' ride u,
If the sun or the moon would give way to doubt,

One Step Too Far

You’re the sun to me (x2)

We do it so fervently

Sun To Me

This is where I heal my hurts
For tonight God Is A DJ
For tonight God Is A DJ
This is my Church

God Is A DJ

A simple tension a run through me chest
My simple intention
Tonight me na rest
Till I invest these proceedings with vigour and zest

Not Going Home

I wonder what my son's doing today.
Suddenly I'm blinking like the screen
on my computer display.
And I'm drinking.

Bring My Family Back

In you the song which rights my wrongs
In you the fullness of living
The power to begin again

We Come 1

The Spiderman is always hungry

Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly, for I have a little something here

Spiders, Crocodiles & Kryptonite

And feel myself heal and mend
My mind is still and I’m floating
Look down
Throttle still wide open

Flyin Hi

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Maxi's Maxims, a thought for the weekend:

You give me a soul fever, And I achieve a new level of grace