Passing The Baton on iTunes

Posted in news on: 29-03-2012

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Passing The Baton on MTV HD

Posted in news on: 29-03-2012

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Sister Bliss at Ministry of Sound

Posted in news on: 26-03-2012

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Passing The Baton Live From Brixton -...

Posted in news on: 19-03-2012

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Free Track Friday! Tweak Your Nipple

Posted in news on: 16-03-2012

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Free track give-away from Passing The...

Posted in news on: 15-03-2012

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God Is A DJ Live

Posted in news on: 12-03-2012

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Sister Bliss on Ministry of Sound Radio...

Posted in news on: 06-03-2012

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Tag Feelin Good on TV with Shazam

Shazamers - you might have seen the Faithless TV ads on Sky1, Fiver and Five USA in the UK - if you've got the Shazam app on your mobile phone you can tag Feelin Good on the TV ad and buy the album and gig tickets direct. 

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10:22am, 05-09-10

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